"Wayman allows for transparent planning and verification of the current status of projects and forecasting the future. Thanks to the analytical mechanisms of the solution and information provided by the system, we are able to react in time and eliminate threats in project implementation. Project managers use tools dedicated to their positions, i.e. control clocks project progress, which show in real time the current status of the project as well as its labor intensity in relation to the plan.The system is also extended with KPIs used by us and a number of reports facilitating the ongoing control of projects.

Wayman sp. z o.o. is a partner who realizes business goals within the assumed time limit and reacts quickly to our needs.

I recommend Wayman as a trustworthy business partner."

EC Engineering sp. z o.o.

Sławomir Dziedzic


Budimex S.A.

Tomasz Franczewski


“Wayman is a powerful platform to support our engineering department. It is fully integrated with SAP, so one tool meets all the expectations of top management and significantly increases the efficiency of our design process. I don't even want to think about what going back to work would be like without Wayman."

"Wayman consultants are people with experience gained in design companies in various industry sectors, they easily speak the industry language, which greatly facilitated cooperation during the implementation at all levels of the company's structure. The mechanism of the program allows for the effective implementation of the project plan thanks to the use of notifications about impending threats regarding the failure to meet the deadline for the implementation of individual tasks and project phases, the risk of exceeding the budget, and also allows you to compare deviations from the plan.

I recommend Wayman sp. z o.o. as a trustworthy business partner, and the Wayman tool as a functional and well-thought-out tool supporting the work of the design office."

Energoprojekt Poznań S.A.

Mirosław Kaszczyński


Mosty Kraków S.A.

Paweł Samek


"Wayman provided proprietary project management software and also cooperated with us in the phase of organizing the design processes, the end result of which was the implementation of the solution.

Wayman specialists, thanks to their design knowledge, very quickly provided us with their know-how, which we implemented in our processes. We use both the documentation provided to us during meetings and the help of Wayman specialists as part of the service. The Wayman solution itself collects all the necessary information about projects in real time, and any threats are quickly caught using reports or alerts in the system.

"Wayman, as the only bidder, had knowledge and experience in the implementation of engineering projects. The software itself was created by people from the industry exclusively for the needs of a company like ours.

The solution also had functionalities focusing on key areas for our company. We recommend Wayman software as a product tailored to the specifics of our industry and worth implementing in an engineering company dealing with multi-industry projects, and Wayman sp. z o.o. as a recommendable business partner"

Multiconsult Polska Sp. z o.o.

Jarosław Wielopolski



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