Wayman enables you to follow the costs and incomes in particular billing cycles. It also makes it possible to successfully execute plans and financial assumptions as well as optimize expenses. The system includes a wide information range on subcontractors, accounts, payment dates and other accounting data. It also foresees your company’s liquidity and informs you ahead of time about possible threats.





Wayman allows you to plan a budget for each task, project stage or for your entire organization. Thanks to this, you can maintain financial discipline and wisely manage the company's resources. The system, based on hard data, creates the financial plan in the most reliable way and helps you in its implementation.



Financial documents


Wayman collects all information about issued financial documents. You can see their status and division into cost and revenue accounts. Each document can also be assigned to individual project. Wayman integrates easily with external accounting programs.





Wayman integrates deeply with processes in your company. As a result, it acquires up-to-date key data, which is afterwards available in Wayman at any time in the form of thorough reports and analyzes. This type of information helps users to have a full overview of the company's situation. This applies to the projects themselves as well as to all financial reports. Everything in one place.




Wayman provides precise information on the profitability of individual projects and the costs of the investment undertaken. The system tracks the status of each payment and ensures that deadlines are met. The data is encrypted and fully secure, and only authorized employees have access to it.





Wayman provides very accurate allocation of salaries to the costs of individual projects. System also allows you to control the actual labor costs resulting from delays and changes in the project. Probably no other tool on the market is able to provide such reliable and well-organized information about your company's finances.




Wayman equips your sales department with a number of important information to help you enter new transactions. With current knowledge about free resources and clear data to facilitate their valuation, you can negotiate more effectively. Wayman gives you full access to statistics, price lists, schedules and other key data about your company. Working remotely, you have access to all updated information in the potential client's office.





Wayman allows you to effectively plan new projects and accurately assess their profitability. Thanks to the information provided by the system, you can more easily make important strategic-operational decisions. The system can make valuations according to the calculation method you choose, including: based on technical criteria of difficulty or the expected number of hours needed to complete the project.




Integrated project management system generates all the data necessary to make a reliable and, above all, realistic offer. Wayman analytical tools allow you to predict the most promising contracts. Costing and resource planning also does not pose any problems. Thanks to Wayman system, your company can focus on projects that will bring the most benefits.





Wayman allows you to effectively plan the company's operations based on the ongoing progress of work and the contracts to be completed. Thanks to a special reporting system, your sales department can systematically inform the company about the status of negotiations with potential clients and the likelihood of finalizing the contract. This way, you can make long-term forecasts of your business and make key decisions much easier.

Product data management (PDM)


  • PDM module for data management that improves collaboration between project teams

Key features


  • Project budget management
  • Standards
  • Resource management
  • Quality
  • Subcontractors

OTHER FUNCTIONALITIES of the wayman system

The administration


  • Integration with accounting programs
  • Data import/export
  • Training
  • Holidays and sick leave

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