Key FEAtures


Wayman helps you effectively and efficiently manage all projects in your company.
The system not only improves communication between your team members, but also takes into account
any changes, monitors the resources and accurately estimates the schedule for each project.



Project PORTFOLIO management


Wayman provides comprehensive process management for all phases of a project, monitoring the project schedule and the delivery of individual tasks. Its features ensure full optimisation of your company's processes. As a result, each member of your team is fully informed and under control of the ongoing project.




The project launch and contract signing is usually preceded by intensive work of the sales teams. Their task is to prepare the terms and conditions of the contract, establish the milestones and negotiate the best possible rate. With Wayman, you can easily create a list of tasks and documentation required for the project. Integration with external applications enables efficient contract preparation and the accurate quotation.




The appropriate planning of the project activities is an essential starting point for all further actions. The right methodology and the competent use of specialised software ensure that the project is fully under control, at every stage. Wayman has all the necessary tools to facilitate this process. It also allows you to fully integrate with external applications such as MS Excel and MS Project.




With the Wayman system, your team can focus on delivering well-planned project work. Every employee knows exactly what the current status of their activities is and what tasks are yet to be completed. Simplified to a minimum, reporting only requires them to record working hours for individual tasks and their progress. Wayman offers both flexibility and multiple configuration options to suit your business needs.




Wayman brings you full control of all your company's projects. At a glance, you have a complete overview. The system informs you about the progress of specific tasks, as well as forecasts the progress of the project. It also informs you of future potential setbacks and risks associated with missed deadlines.




Wayman has very useful tools that enable the project to be concluded efficiently. The system significantly reduces the time needed to prepare the final documentation. It generates precise reports that provide a very reliable basis for invoicing. Thanks to editing functions, reports can easily be supplemented with information related to additional scope of work performed.




By standardising all processes, each member of your team knows exactly what is currently happening within your organisation and what tasks need to be completed. In addition, each user can assign all documents, instructions and files as attachments to a task. The application allows you to keep a record of every important activity in the form of a project book. This feature is also very useful for project review.





Wayman provides your team members with simple tools to facilitate the verification procedures for each individual stage of work completed. Task status monitoring facilitates the process of checking and approving completed tasks by an authorised person. Such procedures significantly increase the quality of work and minimise the risk of error.



Resource managemenT


Wayman enables you to manage all the resources within your company efficiently and effectively. With full access to comprehensive reports and statistics, you can optimise the planning of every job and distribute tasks accordingly. You can track the activity of each member of your team in real time. You can also perform a variety of simulations that will give you a clear idea of the realistic progress of work on each project.



Subcontractor MANAGEMENT


Wayman has a wide range of functionalities to collaborate with subcontractors. The system allows you to generate contracts, orders and all the necessary documents. Thanks to the progress monitoring function, you know at what stage their work is and how much time it has taken so far. Subcontractors can log on to the system from anywhere in the world.




  • Integration with accounting & HR software
  • Data import/export
  • Courses & certifications
  • Annual and sick leaves
  • Business trips



  • Budgeting and offer management
  • Financial documents
  • Reporting and planning
  • Project & company cash flow
  • Sales and quotations



  • Access to all project related documents
  • Data structuring
  • File versioning
  • Document approval
  • Cross-team file sharing

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