Wayman helps you effectively and efficiently manage all projects in your company.
The system not only improves communication between your team members, but also takes into account
any changes, monitors the resources and accurately estimates the implementation schedule for each project.

Key features

Wayman helps you to manage all projects in your company in an efficient and effective way.
The system does not only improve the communication between co-workers but it also takes into account all the changes, controls the resources and precisely plans the execution schedule of each project.

Project budget management

Wayman comprehensively manages all phases of the project, supervising its schedule and implementation of individual stages. Its functions ensure full optimization of processes in your company. Thanks to Wayman, each member of your team has full knowledge and control over the project he is engaged in.

1. Preparation

The start of the project and signing of the contract is usually preceded by intensive work of sales teams. Their task is to prepare the terms of the contract, determine the stages of project implementation and negotiate the best price. Thanks to Wayman, you can quickly create list of tasks and documentation that has to be created during project’s implementation. Integration with external programs enables efficient preparation of the contract and preparation of a precise calculation.

2. Project’s schedule

Proper planning of works on the project is an indispensable starting point for all further activities. Proper methodology and skilful use of specialized tools ensure full control over the project at every stage of its implementation. Wayman has all the necessary tools to facilitate this process. It also allows full integration with external applications, such as: MS Exel and MS Project.

3. Implementation

Thanks to Wayman, your team can focus on effective, well-planned work on the project. Each employee knows exactly what the current status of activities is and what tasks are still to be performed. Maximally simplified reporting requires the designer to report only two things: working hours and progress of tasks’ execution. Wayman provides full flexibility and many configuration options tailored to your business needs.

4. Control

Wayman provides full control over all projects in your company. One look is enough to have a full overview of the situation. The system informs about the progress in the implementation of specific tasks, as well as forecasts the course of the project. It also informs about future challenges, possible complications and the risk of exceeding the planned execution.

5. Closing of project

Wayman has useful tools that enable efficient project finalization. The system's significantly reduces the time needed to prepare the package of project’s final documentation. Wayman generates precise reports that constitute a very reliable basis for further settlements. Thanks to the editing functions, reports can be supplemented with information related to the additional scope of work that has been performed.


Thanks to the standardization of all processes, each member of your team knows exactly what is currently happening in your organization and what tasks are to be performed. In addition, each user can assign documents, instructions and files as attachments to a given task. Wayman allows you to keep a register of all important events in the form of a project book. This is extremely useful function when it comes to project analysis.

Resource management

Wayman enables efficient and effective management of all resources in your company. With full access to insightful reports and statistics, you can optimally plan each job and distribute all tasks accordingly. In real-time, you follow the activity of each member of your team. You can also make various simulations that give you a clear view of the real progress of work on each project


Wayman provides members of your team with simple tools to facilitate verification procedures for each stage of the work. Changing the status of the project facilitates the process of controlling and approving completed tasks by an authorized person. Such procedures significantly improve the quality of work and minimize the risk of making a mistake.


Wayman has a wide range of functionalities enabling cooperation with subcontractors. The system allows you to generate contracts, orders and all necessary documents. Thanks to the reporting function, you know exactly at what stage their work is and how long it has taken. Subcontractors can log into the system from anywhere in the world.

Product data management (PDM)

Product data management (PDM)

The Wayman system includes the PDM module for product data management, which improves the cooperation between all teams in the project. This module makes it possible to store all engineering data and associated files in a centralized way. Thanks to the PDM module the time spent searching for the right data can be noticeably reduced.

The PDM module offers you the following features:

• easy file search and their multiple use
• automatic registration of file versions and revisions
• managing file approval


Wayman enables you to follow the costs and incomes in particular billing cycles. It also makes it possible to successfully execute plans and financial assumptions as well as optimize expenses. The system includes a wide information range on subcontractors, accounts, payment dates and other accounting data. It also foresees your company’s liquidity and informs you ahead of time about possible threats.


Wayman allows you to plan a budget for each task, project stage or for your entire organization. Thanks to this, you can maintain financial discipline and wisely manage the company's resources. The system, based on hard data, creates the financial plan in the most reliable way and helps you in its implementation.

Financial documents

Wayman collects all information about issued financial documents. You can see their status and division into cost and revenue accounts. Each document can also be assigned to individual project. Wayman integrates easily with external accounting programs.


Wayman integrates deeply with processes in your company. As a result, it acquires up-to-date key data, which is afterwards available in Wayman at any time in the form of thorough reports and analyzes. This type of information helps users to have a full overview of the company's situation. This applies to the projects themselves as well as to all financial reports. Everything in one place.


Wayman provides precise information on the profitability of individual projects and the costs of the investment undertaken. The system tracks the status of each payment and ensures that deadlines are met. The data is encrypted and fully secure, and only authorized employees have access to it.


Wayman provides very accurate allocation of salaries to the costs of individual projects. System also allows you to control the actual labor costs resulting from delays and changes in the project. Probably no other tool on the market is able to provide such reliable and well-organized information about your company's finances.


Wayman equips your sales department with a number of important information to help you enter new transactions. With current knowledge about free resources and clear data to facilitate their valuation, you can negotiate more effectively. Wayman gives you full access to statistics, price lists, schedules and other key data about your company. Working remotely, you have access to all updated information in the potential client's office.


Wayman allows you to effectively plan new projects and accurately assess their profitability. Thanks to the information provided by the system, you can more easily make important strategic-operational decisions. The system can make valuations according to the calculation method you choose, including: based on technical criteria of difficulty or the expected number of hours needed to complete the project.


Integrated project management system generates all the data necessary to make a reliable and, above all, realistic offer. Wayman analytical tools allow you to predict the most promising contracts. Costing and resource planning also does not pose any problems. Thanks to Wayman system, your company can focus on projects that will bring the most benefits.


Wayman allows you to effectively plan the company's operations based on the ongoing progress of work and the contracts to be completed. Thanks to a special reporting system, your sales department can systematically inform the company about the status of negotiations with potential clients and the likelihood of finalizing the contract. This way, you can make long-term forecasts of your business and make key decisions much easier.

The administration

The administration

A design office like any other company needs effective and well organized administration. However, an efficient management system should take into account the specificity of your professional activities and focus on the particular needs within the design sector. And so Wayman does. Our system enables you to conduct a complex business analysis and to report all the relevant data. Wayman also offers the export and import of data between its own system and any external programs, for instance accounting ones.


Every inefficiently used designer's man-hour is a loss for your company. That is why it is so important to have wise and professional human resources management in your organization. Work efficiency and appropriate employee motivation can be achieved through proper planning and distribution of tasks. Wayman is a tool that makes it easier for you.

1. Holidays

Wayman enables efficient communication between employees and the management and administration of the company. Accordingly, coordinating the holidays of your employees in advance allows you to plan your future activities accurately and assign projects to the right people. Thanks to Wayman, the absence of an employee is no longer the cause of delays in the implementation of project tasks. Integration with the HR department, in addition, simplifies and streamlines all procedures.

2. Training

The greatest value of any design company is undoubtedly people. Expanding their professional skills through participation in workshops, trainings and conferences should be inscribed in the long-term development strategy of your organization. Wayman will help you plan the process of raising qualifications and developing your team's talents.

3. Sick leave

Sick leaves and unforeseen absences of employees may endanger timely implementation of the project. And although Wayman can not write prescriptions yet, system can help you plan replacements and effectively transfer responsibilities from one team member to another.


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